Hello there, welcome to The Weirds world!

Mural by JangoJim

Mural by JangoJim

The Weirds are a toy line and brand with a set of original characters that are anything but normal. They're awesomely odd, born to promote individuality. 

The Weirds world is simple - be unique, be different, be you...be Weird! 

Their body shape and eyes, along with the weird thing, are all that unites the characters. From mega-bright colors and random patterns to horns, fins or even Mexican wrestling masks, they all have their own weirdnesses, likes and dislikes. 

Weird people are the risk takers, the explorers and the innovators! Our message that "weird is cool" is something many people can identify with. PLUS we are all weird in our own way... it's a GOOD thing! Normal is lame, embrace your weird... let it roam the countryside and crazy dance when your favorite song comes on... let it make odd faces in the mirror while fixing your hair...you've got it in you...set it free!

So join forces with these cool characters...and let's ALL get WEIRD!

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Then there's this guy, the creator dood.


Chris Hawley is an award-winning designer/illustrator from Houston, Texas. He's done all kinds of cool projects from the global rebrand of Bruce Lee to working at various levels of the ad agency world from designer to art director, as well as creative director and part of the launch team of The Anime Network, America’s first network dedicated to Japanese animation.

His early influences come from his brother Mike who would draw with him for hours and taught him to look at things differently. “Just because the sky is blue, doesn’t mean you have to color it blue”. 

His current influences come from his surroundings, friends, family, music, art, coffee, junk piles and more coffee...