The Weirds team up with two national organizations!

We are lucky enough to partner with TWO like-minded brands - Sentai Filmworks, a leading independent distributor of Japanese anime and pop culture programming, and the Bruce Lee Foundation. Both partnerships align to and support The Weirds' mantra, Embrace Your Weird.

"Sentai Filmworks has a global fan base that consists of people who appreciate the different, the unique and the diverse - it's the core of our business," said John Ledford, President and CEO of Sentai Filmworks. "By partnering with The Weirds, we can both reach new communities that celebrate the art of individuality."

"Everyone has a unique set of talents, qualities and gifts. That is a message that Bruce Lee himself projected out into the world and that is what we celebrate at the Bruce Lee Foundation," said Richard Grewar, Executive Director of the Bruce Lee Foundation. Over the past several years, we've been witness to Chris' passion for his community and the kids within it, so our partnership with The Weirds comes at a time when now, more than ever, kids need someone to look up to and something to believe in - themselves."

Sentai Filmworks  |  Bruce Lee Foundation

You're weird... it's cool... embrace it. Normal is lame.

We here at The Weirds say being different is a good thing. You make this world a much more interesting place!

The Weirds - One to Watch Award Finalist

The Weirds were awarded one of the four FINALIST slots in the One to Watch Award by License Global Magazine! The award goes out to new brands that offer the most unique, creative licensing concepts and opportunities to other companies and brands. 

“It is amazing to see the professionalism and talent that is coming into the licensing business,” says Steven Ekstract, group publisher, License! Global. “All of the finalists in the One to Watch contest are best-in-class examples of innovation and creativity. Each of the finalists have created brands that show ingenuity and a keen understanding of pop culture trends and the products that consumers want to purchase. Once again, the One to Watch lives up to its moniker. Congratulations to all the finalists.”

We were totally blown away! It was really cool to be recognized and people liking not only our characters, but our message. Thanks again L!G magazine, we will continue to work hard to make the world a weirder place!

Who is Weirder?

Older but still a funny article showing Portland and Austin battling it out for the Weird title. We can't pick sides! We think both cities wear their weirdness well.
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"It's Not Weird to Be Weird."

- John Lennon

Limited Edition Coloring Book of The Weirds!

Yuuuuup! You are seeing this correctly! For the launch of the shop we did a very limited run of special covers! The 8x10 cover is removable, and on the backside is a super rad drawing that will only ever be released with this cover. The FIRST 100 are signed and numbered by the creator dood! After ya purchase, be sure to post/share the masterpieces with us on social media. #theweirdsworld

Japan was awwwwwwesome!

The Weirds in Japan
The Weirds in Japan

Fab Ric was part of the crew that hit Japan over the summer. Gotta say The Weirds met and hung out with some really cool people! Lots of love Japan, til we meet again...