Mural by   JangoJim

The Weirds wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all the great people we met and chatted with at the SXSW Marketplace. It was our first year to participate and overall it was a blast.

We met great people literally from all over the world! People bought The Weirds pillow plush, T's, coloring book, etc. and were taking them back to South America, Russia, Japan, Canada... all over the place. It was great to hear their stories of why they were at SXSW and why they liked The Weirds so much. We had a few "I don't know HOW I will fit these in my suitcase, but I have to buy and take home." Ha! We know the struggle is real. We even had a customer from Japan hang out in the booth for an hour because he wanted to color his purchased Weird asap!

Shout out to all the cool people that took the time to draw some awesomeness on a couple of sample Fab Ric Weirds we had set up at the pop up shop. The final pieces turned out really great... from crazy dinosaurs and self promos inked in, to the coolest kid Braydon going with the classic "Braydon was here"... we had the full spectrum of art and creativity. 

The best part of this kind of event is seeing someone not only purchasing and enjoy what has been created but understanding and connecting to the brand messaging. We really believe in self-acceptance, especially at an early age and just loving who you are... ignore the bullies and haters. Being what someone calls "different" is what makes you rule. The word "weird" is a badge of honor!